Video Game Music

Orchestra and Choir

CONGRATULATIONS to our Vocal Soloists for our Spring Concert!

  • Halo - Justin Betzel
  • FFIV Aria - Jasmine Marcelo
  • Katamari Soprano - Kris Heiby
  • Tetris - Doug Eber
  • Still Alive - Tori Buckshaw
  • Baba Yetu - Colin Parlett 

We are STILL looking for soloists to perform the solos in Ashley's Theme as well as the tenor solo for Katamari Damacy. Interested? Fill out the form below and we will set you up with an audition date! 

Please fill out the below form to register for our vocal solo auditions for our upcoming Spring 2018 concert! The concert will be on Friday, May 18th at 8 pm at the Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center at 323 Sollers Point Road. These auditions are open to ANY vocalists that would like to join us, as well as vocalists already in our orchestra or choir.

Any vocalist that accepts a solo for our upcoming concert will also be asked to become a member of our choir for this concert. You should be able to attend as many rehearsals on Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center as possible to rehearse with the group. We are also always accepting more regular members of our choir, so anyone that auditions, whether you gain the solo or not, are also welcome to become a member of our choir!

You MUST fill out every field in this form to be able to submit the form!