Video Game Music

Orchestra and Choir

Itinerary for National Adoption Day (Private Event!)

What:  A private adoption ceremony that we have been invited to perform at.

When: Saturday, November 17th at 10 am 

Where: Ceremonial Courtroom No. 5, Old Courthouse, 400 Washington Avenue, Second Floor, Towson, MD 21204

Performance List: Kirby's 20th Anniversary, Kass's Theme, Jump Up Superstar, Super Mario Bros Medley, Gear Getaway, Ducktales. Order TBD. 


9 am - Everyone meets NO LATER than 9 am for setup and tuning/warmups prior to the performance. We can pull up right in front of the building to unload large instruments. Parking is either free street parking (suggested on Pennsylvania Ave) OR there is a garage on Susquehanna & Washington streets that we can get a pass for exiting (entrance is on Washington Ave.) There will be an area within the performance space for us to put our stuff like cases and bags:  since we are performing in a courtroom space, we need to minimize the number of things we bring inside if at all possible.

10 am - We will perform while the parents and children are entering and getting assembled for the ceremony.  The performance will be approximately an hour long. We may be repeating some pieces, depending on how many people are entering.

11 am - The adoption ceremony will begin. As we will be unable to break down our performance space during this time without interrupting the ceremony, we will need to remain professional throughout as we attend. Immediately after the ceremony, we will need to quickly and efficiently break down our gear.

12 pm - We have been invited to a catered lunch with the parents and adopted children. Continue to act as professionally as possible as high-level office officials will be in attendance! :)

DRESS CODE:  For this event, we will require everyone to wear concert black. This means all black dress clothes (no t-shirts or jeans). This is a more formal event so we need to make sure we all look professional. Please ask if you need help with clothing! :)

NO PHOTOS:  Due to this being in a courtroom and during a ceremony, please do not take photos yourselves.

CELL PHONES:  Make sure that, if you MUST have your cell phone on you during the performance, that you keep it on silent and keep it very discreet! Since the area we will be allowed to leave our bags and cases in will be just nearby and very secure, you certainly are able to leave it in your bag or case.