Important Upcoming Event & Rehearsal Information:

NEW!!! (6/10/18)  Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, we will NOT be able to have a rehearsal the next two weeks. This is due to Baltimore County needing to use the Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center for the early elections, and after talking to their management, there are no other facilities that they have available for use to use instead due to other programs taking place. In the future, we will be looking at finding other backup rehearsal spots if possible in case of these events.

However, for now, in light of this, we will be asking everyone to show up as CLOSE to or earlier than 9 am as possible at the Pratt Library at 3601 Eastern Avenue prior to the PrattCon if you are participating in that performance. This will be so that we can get a 'mini-rehearsal' in to warm us up prior to the event.  

IMPORTANT: If you are one of the members that have been entrusted to transport any equipment to PrattCon, please try and be there by 8 am so that we can facilitate unloading and set up beforehand! If you cannot, please let us know how early you can get there so that we may prepare. 

We will be trusting all of you to continue to practice your parts in the meantime. For this performance, we are asking everyone to dress in ALL black. We ask that your clothes are neat, clean and professional. No blue this time!

The performance order is as follows:

Super Mario Galaxy 2




One Winged Angel

Here is the information from the PrattCon Staff as it pertains to our participation: 

Performance Time: 10:00 am, 30 mins

Arrival Time: As early as 8:00 for 
set up

Performance Location & Size: Lower Level, Auditorium, 33ft x 51 ft

Unloading: The back of the library has an area that can be used as a loading/unloading zone for the event located on Dean St., and if necessary the Conkling Street side parking area of the library can also be used until 9:45 am as that space will be reserved for the Game Truck in the morning.

Parking: There is plenty of free residential parking around the Southeast Anchor Library and a covered paid parking lot in the building next door. It is recommended that you come as early as you can because there are a lot of events in the area that day.


PLEASE keep in mind that it will help us IMMENSELY if you let us know if you CAN NOT make the PrattCon event, as early as possible. We know that not being able to meet for the two weeks leading up to this is difficult, but we know that everyone can hang in there and make this work! :)  Please email with any questions or updates to attendance at the convention if you have them! Thank you so much! :) 

Member Information for Rehearsals and Events!





Video Game Music

Orchestra and Choir

Past  Rehearsals:

  • Wednesday, June 6th, 7 pm - 9 pm: Korobeiniki, Hikari, Dragonborn, Super Mario Galaxy 2, One Winged Angel
  • Wednesday, May 30th, 7 pm - 9 pm: Korobeiniki, Hikari, Dragonborn, Super Mario Galaxy 2, One Winged Angel
  • Wednesday, May 23rd, 7 pm - 8 pm: Korobeiniki, Hikari, Dragonborn, Super Mario Galaxy 2, One Winged Angel

Past Events, 2018: 

  • May 18th, Friday, 8 pm Spring Concert at Soller's Point Multi-Purpose Center Auditorium

Upcoming Events, 2018: 

  • June 23rd, Saturday, 10 am - performance for Pratt Con! (Library comic convention!)
  • October 19th, Friday, TBA - Masquerade Ball (Tentative)
  • December 7th, Friday, TBA - Winter Concert (Tentative)

Upcoming Rehearsal:

(All rehearsals, unless otherwise noted, take place in the auditorium at Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center, 323 Sollers Point Road, Dundalk, MD 21222)

  • NO REHEARSAL 6/13 or 6/20 due to early voting taking place in Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center
  • June 23rd Repertoire Dropbox Link HERE!
  • NEW "Summer Workshop" Link HERE!

New Members:

Welcome to the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra & Choir! 
​We are so excited to have you join our ensemble!  Here's what you need to know:

1. Make sure you send us the form in the Join section of our website if you haven't already.  (If you have any issues with this, please contact us at

2. You should then receive a reply with the location of rehearsal and other important information. We have a Dropbox for all of our music, links will be below in rehearsal news. Please download and print out physical copies of all of your parts for each piece!

3. Arrive 10 - 15 minutes if possible before the 7 p.m. downbeat at the address indicated (323 Sollers Point Road, 21222).  Bring your instrument, a music stand, your printed music, and a writing utensil to take notes from the conductor(s). 

4. Let us know if you have any questions/concerns before you leave!